How to Care for Winter Materials

When the temperature keeps dropping, there’s nothing like wrapping yourself up in warm, cozy fabrics like cashmere, wool, down and fur. These wonderful, winter fabrics bring a lot of comfort, but often a lot of confusion when it comes to properly caring for them. Here is a simple, go-to guide for caring for your favorite winter garments:


The luxurious, soft feel of your favorite cashmere sweater or throw blanket makes those cold winter days a little more bearable. This delicate fabric requires some light, gentle care to keep it clean and in perfect condition. The best way to clean cashmere is to lightly hand wash in cold water and a gentle detergent, then lay flat to air dry. Hot water will ruin the garment. The dryer is also a no-no unless you want a mini version of your favorite sweater!

If you need to remove stain from your cashmere garments, you need to call in the professionals — hand washing just won’t cut it. Fabricare Cleaners has expert knowledge on cleaning this delicate materials, so the stain will be removed without any damage to the garment.


Wool not only keeps you super warm during the winter season, but it is also a long-lasting, high-quality material…as long as you care for it properly. Your best bet for maintaining your wool garments is to get them dry cleaned. A dry cleaner like Fabricare Cleaners will ensure the garment’s shape and size is preserved throughout the years.

It is important to note that you do not need to clean your wool clothing after every wear. In between cleanings, you can do simple things to keep it looking new and fresh, like steaming with a handheld steamer to release wrinkles from wear. And blotting (not rubbing) light stains with cold water and an absorbent towel. For any wool garments you are hanging up (like a jacket), you should use a sturdy, wooden hanger to avoid stretching of the shoulder area.


When the temperatures start to really dip, there is nothing quite as warm as bundling yourself up in a down jacket before you head out the door. Or as cozy as wrapping yourself in a big, down blanket for a good (and warm!) night’s sleep. It is highly recommended to take your down jackets & blankets to the professionals to have them dry cleaned properly whenever possible. Fabricare will pick up & deliver no cost to you so you don’t have to step out into the wintery weather!


Your furs may be some of your most beloved articles of clothing, so you want to make sure they stay in the best condition possible. It is important that you never wash your furs in a washer or dryer – this will immediately run them. At the start of each winter season, you should get them professionally cleaned with a dry cleaner you trust, like Fabricare. This periodic cleaning, as well as proper storage (which Fabricare also offers!) will help maintain your investment and keep your furs looking FAB!

During the winter season, be sure to hang your furs up on study wooden hangers and in breathable garment bags. This everyday care will help them maintain their look and shape.