Home Pickup Dry Cleaning And Laundry Is Just So Efficient!

We love Norwalk! And it’s not just because we have a dry cleaner in the city either. There’s some lovely countryside around like Devil’s Den Preserve for hiking and watching the wildlife. We like Calf Pasture Beach too. We can do a bit of fishing off the pier and have a drink and snack in the café. Have you ever been round the Norwalk lighthouse? It dates from 1868 and has ten rooms filled with antiques and furnishings.Norwalk CT home pickup laundry.

Gallaher Mansion and Cranbury Park are worth a visit too, and the kids love to go to Stepping Stones Museum for Children. Yes, even here at Fabricare we get some days off occasionally!

However, most of the time we are kept very busy with our Norwalk CT home pickup laundry service. The folks in Norwalk are a canny and efficient lot and they know a good thing when they see one. Let’s face it: doing the laundry is one of the most boring jobs known to man. Well, known to woman more often than not. All of that sorting into piles, loading the washing machine, selecting the right program (washing machines today seem to have a different program for everything – even left socks and right socks!). Then you have to run the cycle, take it all out, put it in the tumble dryer, run that cycle. Then after all that you have to do the ironing!

Life Is Too Busy for Wash and Fold

Life is just too busy today to bother with all that stuff, including wash and fold in Norwalk, CT, which is why we started our Norwalk CT home pickup laundry service. We took the concept of wash and fold (wherein you would bring your laundry into a Norwalk wash and fold, and then come back to get it), and we DRAMATICALLY improved it to the 21st century concept. We even have an app! So we make home pickup and delivery of your dry cleaning and laundry a reality. It’s wash and fold for the 21st century. You’re welcome, Norwalk!

And no, you don’t have to hang around at home waiting for our driver to call. At Fabricare the accent is on the CARE, and we know that you have too much on your plate for all that. So we make everything as simple as it could be. We let you have some of our special bags and you simply put the laundry in them and leave them somewhere around your home that we have agreed. It could be in a porch, the garage, or on the deck under a shelter. Then off you go and leave the rest to us. Our driver will pick it up and bring it back here, and a few days later he will simply deliver it back to you. You don’t even have to be there to pay him because we will bill you at the end of the month.

Our Norwalk CT home pickup laundry service makes your life so much easier. We do your dry cleaning as well!