Fabricare, Leading Specialty Cleaners in Darien, Fairfield, and Norwalk, Connecticut, Announces Updated Page on Uncommon Dry Cleaning

July 1, 2018 – Darien, Connecticut. Fabricare, a high-rated specialty cleaner serving Connecticut cities such as Darien, Fairfield, Norwalk, Stamford, and Greenwich, is proud to announce an update to the informational page regarding “specialty dry cleaning” services. The focus is on uncommon cleaning issues such as winter coats, fur coats, wedding dresses and other items for which the consumer needs an experienced, specialty dry cleaner but may not know how to find one.Specialty Cleaners in Darien, Fairfield, and Norwalk

“Owners of a specialty clothing products such as fur coats, winter coats of all types, drapes, wedding dresses, and other unusual items, may try to ignore the fact it needs cleaning and just store it away hoping it will be fine to wear when needed,” explained Michael Astorino, CEO of Fabricare. “We understand coats made of leather, fur or down, however, need extra attention. It doesn’t have to be hard for the owner. Our incredible home pickup and delivery dry cleaning routes serve many Connecticut community including for specialty cleaning needs.”

To read the newly updated informational page on “specialty dry cleaning,” visit https://fabricarecleaners.net/specialty/. There one can read about the specialty cleaning services such as fur coat cleaning, leather cleaning, and even wedding dress cleaning. It’s no surprise the Fabricare is perceived as the top specialty dry cleaner not only in Darien, Norwalk, and Fairfield (where it has brick-and-mortar stores) but also in Stamford and Greenwich (which it services via its home pickup and delivery dry cleaning routes). Indeed, to learn more about its home pickup and delivery laundry services, visit https://fabricarecleaners.net/home-delivery/.


Here is background on this release. Summer in Connecticut could mean winter wear has been put back into closets until the fall season. Owners of easy-wear coats made of cotton or thick denim may have cleaned the garment in a washing machine before storing it away. Owners of specialty coats made of fur, leather, and goose down, however, may be confused how to clean the garments properly. A unique coat might have been hung in the back of a closet without proper care. It may be helpful to learn a specialty cleaner such as Fabricare can manage the full spectrum of cleaning and storing of a fur or leather coat for residents. Indeed, the company even offers wedding dress or wedding gown cleaning services throughout Connecticut, from Greenwich to Stamford to Darien and everywhere in between.

For these reasons, Fabricare has announced an update to an informational page concerning specialty dry cleaning.


Fabricare Cleaners, with physical dry cleaning locations in Fairfield, Noroton Heights, and Norwalk, and servicing key cities such as Stamford and Greenwich, is the leader in advanced laundry services in New England. The company is an industry leader offering two new services in the dry cleaning industry: home pickup and delivery dry cleaning and same day dry cleaning / wash and fold service. For today’s busy customers in cities like Stamford, Greenwich, or New Canaan in Connecticut or Larchmont, White Plains, or Yonkers in New York, these services make life easier than ever. Customers also come to Fabricare as a specialty cleaner of hard-to-clean items such as purses, wedding dresses or shoes. Customers are encouraged to visit the company website or contact the company by phone, as well as to visit its convenient locations.

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