Storing Your Outdoor Furniture

We hate to say it, but summer is winding down and the days of patio parties are coming to a close. As you begin to (begrudgingly) think about putting away your outdoor furniture, check out our tips for properly packing everything up for the Fall & Winter to help extend your patio pieces:

  • Give it a Good Scrubbing. Scrub patio furniture and cushions with a multipurpose cleaner before storing. Make sure everything is dried completely before packing away to prevent mold & mildew.
  • Repair Now…Enjoy Later. If any of your furniture or cushions have tears or rips, get them repaired before packing it up for the winter. Same goes for stubborn stains. The experts at HomeCare by Fabricare can help get your patio furniture looking good as new before you store it away so everything is ready to go when next summer rolls around.
  • Bring Everything In. The best piece of advice for protecting your outdoor furniture is to bring it in so that it is away from the harsh winter weather elements. If you lack storage space, we have a solution for you – our sister company, ULock & Storage in Norwalk, CT offers various storage solutions for every need, whether it’s your full patio set or individual pieces such as seasonal items. ULock even offers pickup & delivery services! Call today to learn more at 203-847-6301 or visit