Mamaroneck Laundry Services: Wash and Fold vs. Home Pickup and Delivery Dry Cleaning and the Winner Is

At Fabricare we have our facility in Connecticut, but we service all the New York suburbs such as Mamaroneck with daily pickup and delivery of laundry and dry cleaning. Home pickup of laundry in Mamaroneck vs. Wash and FoldWe believe that you probably don’t care WHERE your laundry and dry cleaning gets done, just so long as you have the best company doing it, and that would be us with our Mamaroneck home pickup laundry and delivery.

Let’s face it, doing the laundry yourself is so 20th century. Yes, you have a washing machine. Yes, you have a tumble dryer. You may even have a washer/dryer. But who wants to do all that tedious work of sorting out all the laundry, putting it in the washing machine, taking it out and putting it in the dryer, ironing (possibly one of the most tedious jobs ever invented by man), then folding it and putting it all away again.

You Still Have To Get The Dry Cleaning Done But Today There’s a Wash and Fold Alternative: Home Pickup and Delivery

Even then, you still have to get the dry cleaning done, and since you very likely don’t have a dry cleaning machine that means that you have got to bag it up and put it in the car and take it to the dry cleaner’s. Then three or four days later you have to go back to the dry cleaners again to collect it. Who needs all that hassle when you can have Mamaroneck home pickup laundry and dry cleaning from Fabricare? OK, so we take it 15 miles away: we’ll take very great care of it and bring it back to you all clean and ready to go.

It’s really very easy to have our Mamaroneck home pickup laundry and dry cleaning service, even if you are not at home all day, but out at work when we call. All we do is arrange somewhere between us that you will leave your laundry. This could be in the porch, in the garage, or in your greenhouse – wherever you like. We supply you with a special bag for the purpose.

Our driver will come along and collect the bag and bring it back to our facility in Stamford where it will all be processed, and then a few days later the driver will bring it back to you and leave it in the same place. It really couldn’t be any simpler, and the beauty of it is that you get rid of the whole tedious job of laundry and running back and forth to the dry cleaners for good.

Paying us? That’s easy too. We just bill your card at the end of the month for whatever you have had done in the course of the month. What’s not to like?