What Parameters Would you Use to Determine the Best Stamford Dry Cleaners?

What parameters would you use to determine the best dry cleaners in Stamford CT? Is it the quality of their cleaning? Ease of use? Sterling customer service?

Well, all of those are important, but there is another thing and that is a dry cleaner who comes to your home, collects your dry cleaning, and then delivers it back to you packaged as it would be if you had just bought it from the store. That truly would be the best dry cleaners Stamford CT.The best Stamford dry cleaners.

And that’s us at Fabricare. That’s the way we do it, and it’s the 21st century way. Let’s face it: we are all too busy these days with a million and one things to do, so why would you want to pack all your dry cleaning into a bag, get the car out, take it to a shop, drop it off, and then three days later have to go back to the shop to pick it all up again? We feel certain that you have better things to do with your life, so that’s why we take care of all that for you. We don’t charge you extra for it, either! That’s why we call it 21st century wash and fold or home pickup and delivery cleaning.

A Choice Of Processes

What’s more, at Fabricare we have a choice of dry cleaning processes. You can use the BasiCare service which is suitable for every day dry cleaning items, but we also provide PremiumCare. When you use PremiumCare every item is inspected for stains and for any repairs that may be needed, and the best method of cleaning is evaluated by one of our experts (there are different processes). The garment then continues through to a separate cleaning service and to a hand finishing station. It then has a final inspection – the last of seven throughout the process – and is packaged up for return to you as it would be when you bought it from the store new.

Then there is our environmentally friendly cleaning process. State-of-the-art technology lets Fabricare clean your clothes using biodegradable detergents and ozone technology, and there is a non-dry cleaning / alternative method of clothing care. We are particularly environmentally conscious and have replaced plastic bags with out EcoBags which are biodegradable. We have also added skylights in the roof to use more natural light and upgraded the plant to re-use steam to heat water and help our boilers work less. We have also changed lighting and machinery to use less electricity and reduced our production schedule from 6 days to 5 to save on fuel.

With all that, plus our home pickup and delivery service, we feel that we can lay claim to being the best dry cleaners Stamford CT.