How to Care for Activewear

Happy New Year! If you are one of the many who has resolved to hit the gym harder in 2019, it may also mean stocking up on some new workout gear. These days, there are some amazing options so you can look great while you get your sweat on, but they can come with a hefty price tag. But don’t worry! Here are some tips for keeping your gear bright, tight (stink-free) and long lasting:

  • Wash After Wear – Washing your working clothing as soon as possibly helps to prevent stain damage, bacteria growth and smelly fabrics.
  • Launder According to the Label – Different athletic wear materials require different care when it comes to washing. A lot of activewear is made from synthetic fibers, which require cold water – washing in hot water will lead to shrinkage – and the delicate cycle setting. But if you work out in a cotton t-shirt, then the most powerful method for removing odors is HOT water. Always check the label before you wash.
  • Forgo the Fabric Softener – One of the biggest mistakes you can do is to add fabric softeners when cleaning your workout gear. They’ll reduce elasticity in your clothing and will coat the fibers, trapping in sweat, bacteria and stink in your clothes your next work out.
  • Opt for Air Dry – Since activewear can be delicate, throwing them in your dryer can cause shrinkage. To save your favorite yoga pants, it is best to either air dry or if you really need to dry the piece quicker, use the “air-only” or lowest heat setting on your dryer.
  • Leave it to us – Fabricare Cleaners offers expert wash & fold services, so you can leave your laundry to us. Our team of experts knows how to care for all fabrics, so you can be sure your favorite workout clothes are in good hands. Plus, crossing laundry off your to-do list gives you more time to hit the gym, yoga studio and the hiking trails!

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