Caring For Your Furs & Fine Outerwear

Your furs and fine outerwear are investment pieces, so we want to help you properly care for them to ensure they will last season after season. As this winter season comes to an end, it is important to properly care for and store your furs and fine jackets to avoid any damage to them during the warm weather seasons.

PROFESSIONAL CLEANING: It is essential that you get your pieces cleaned by a professional each year, especially when it comes to your furs. Even if you don’t wear them often, they gather dust, oils, and odors. Annual upkeep will help to keep your coat looking new. Additionally, professional cleaners will inspect your outerwear for any stains, rips or tears and will properly care for and repair them.

STORAGE: When your furs and fine outerwear are not not in use, proper storage is absolutely vital to avoiding premature deterioration and drying out. Proper storage means the correct temperature (50-55 degrees), the right humidity controls (45-50% humidity), proper ventilation and UV protection.

This can all seem overwhelming, but we have some good news! Fabricare Cleaners has partnered with FurCare Group (formerly Harpers) to bring our customers over 50 years of expertise in caring for furs and outerwear.  You can now get your furs picked up right from your home, inspected, cleaned and/or repaired & stored in our brand new on-site STATE-OF-THE-ART facility that is complete with a modern, high-security, climate-controlled vault. All of the work is performed by our experts on premise.

Some of the exciting new services we can now offer  include:

  • Refrigerated Storage in our new on-site, climate-controlled vault
  • Fur Cleaning, Conditioning & Glazing
  • Fur Trimmed Outerwear/Ski Jacket Cleaning
  • Restyling & Alterations
  • Repairs & Relining

With the winter season coming to an end, give us a call at 203-242-7663 or download our Fab App for pick up, delivery, cleaning/repairs and storage of your fur & fine outerwear pieces.