If Self Care is YOUR Resolution

With the New Year often comes new resolutions. If you have pledged to make 2020 the year of SELF CARE, we not only applaud you, but want to help you keep that resolution! With life being so busy, it can be hard to prioritize and put yourself first. We want to help check something off your list. Let us take over the dreaded chore of laundry for you! Think of all the time you waste sorting, washing and putting away that never ending pile of laundry. And think of all the things you COULD be doing instead…. Yoga! Date night! Family picnics! Hot baths! Reading books! Meeting up with  friends! Literally anything besides laundry.

Let LaundryCare by Fabricare take over your laundry and dry cleaning. We even make it EASY:

  1. Sign up on our SITE or download our Fab App on the App Store or Google Play for FREE pick up & delivery of your clothing.  Or you can drop your clothing off at any location.
  2. Throw all your dirty clothing into a bag, and our team of experts will sort and clean using the best products and methods for each piece of clothing. Our team is knowledgeable on all types of fabrics and cleaning methods, so whether your clothing needs to be laundered or dry cleaned, our experts have it covered!
  3. Once clean, your clothing will be perfectly folded or hung and returned to you within days.

While we are taking care of your clothing needs, you can do all those things that are important to you…..instead of wasting time on laundry.

Call us at 203-229-0001 or email us at service@fabricarecleaners.net with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!