One of the most overwhelming things you could ever deal with is a disaster within your home. When your house has damage due to water, fire, mold or trauma, there are so many questions running through your head, and it can be hard to know where to begin. Check out these tips to help take some of the stress out of a horrible situation:


You will want to start by getting a general idea of what happened and what has been damaged. Your insurance company will do a more thorough assessment, but some initial observations will help you better understand what you are dealing with and better communicate it to your insurance company.

You will want to take pictures to help in proving your disaster and getting your claims money, but you SHOULD NOT begin cleanup. One mistake homeowners make is that they often start to clean up after a disaster, but the insurance company needs detailed and documented proof of the disaster itself, so cleaning up without documenting the proper evidence can hurt your claim.

While you don’t want to begin the clean up or repairs, Fabricare CAN help clean some of your clothing quickly so your family can get back to work and school, and start feeling somewhat normal after a disaster strikes. Just give us a call, and we will pick up your clothing, and return it back to you as quickly as possible.


Call your insurance agent to review the source and cause of the damage to determine if you have coverage in your policy. The amount that is covered will be covered by the evidence, estimates, pricing and depreciation of items.


While there are things you may be able to handle on your own, it is highly recommended to bring in professionals. Whether you are dealing with fire damage, water damage, mold or even moth damage, HOMECARE BY FABRICARE can help reduce stress and restore the interiors of your home. From furniture and rugs to window treatments and beyond, our team has helped many clients with their restoration needs in the aftermath of floods, fires, and other incidents.

There’s no cleaner better suited for restoration cleaning for both furniture and garments in CT than Fabricare Cleaners. Our staff is highly trained in the process of restoration and has worked with insurance and restoration companies. From flooding to fires and everything in between, you can trust Fabricare to help restore your home furnishings and finest fabrics with the highest quality & service.

If you ever need restoration help, call in the experts at HomeCare by Fabricare at 203-957-3838 or email us at homecare@fabricarecleaners.net.