Preparing your Home for the Holidays with HomeCare by Fabricare

This year has looked different for all of us compared to other years. For many, our homes had to be transformed into offices, classrooms, gyms, art studios, playgrounds and more. And with the holidays approaching, whether you are planning on hosting a small gathering of family & friends or keeping it to just your household, your home furnishings are in need of a deep clean in preparation. And let’s be honest…they deserve a little love!

Fabricare Cleaners has been a trusted dry cleaner for over 40 years throughout Fairfield County, and they have a whole division of highly trained experts focused on in-home care. Their HomeCare experts offer best-in-class cleaning for household items including rugs, carpets, upholstery, furniture, window treatments, linens and more. They use the best methods, products and equipment, and the team is highly trained on caring for all types of materials and stain removal methods so no job is too big.

Many of our home furnishings have fallen victim to their fair share of stains this year. Whether you have a wine spill on your white rug, finger paint on your favorite drapes, coffee on your new couch or mud stains on your entryway carpet, HomeCare by Fabricare’s got you covered.

What many don’t realize is that it is just as important to remove the dust, bacteria and allergens that you DON’T see that get trapped between your home furnishings’ fibers. It is so important to professionally clean your rugs, upholstery, window treatments and other furniture in order to remove these allergens so you can keep your family healthy and your home looking brighter and smelling better.

Having your home cleaned by HomeCare by Fabricare can mean the difference between your family suffering from airborne allergens and them breathing in fresh air. And another big bonus is that having regular professional, deep cleanings will keep your home furnishings healthier as well which results in lasting far longer.

So this year as you create  your holiday prep list, you can give the professionals at HomeCare by Fabricare a call and cross cleaning your furnishings off that list! They will also clean & press linens so don’t have to worry about cleaning and ironing tablecloths, napkins, bedsheets, blankets or comforters.

And if you need even more of a  reason to love HomeCare by Fabricare…you never have to leave your home. A team member will safely come to your home and clean on-site, or can pick up pieces, bring back to the plant & deliver back to you at no extra cost so you can spend your time doing better things. You can book a service by emailing, calling 203-957-3838, visiting