Spring Cleaning Simplified: Tips for decluttering & simple clean up

Each Spring when the flowers start blooming again, the birds return from their trips down south and the weather reminds you it’s time to get back outside, we are also reminded of a daunting chore: spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning is the annual reminder that it’s time to declutter, reorganize and do that dreaded deep clean. Cleaning your home from top to bottom can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve got a handy checklist for you to make it more manageable:

  1. Create a checklist. Spring cleaning is a big job, but creating a master list that breaks down the tasks makes it feel less overwhelming. Plus, a list helps you remember the many items like dusting ceiling fans, cleaning the inside of your microwave, rotating mattresses and washing shower mats. We highly recommend downloading one of the many free checklists you can find online as a resource!
  2. Take it Room by Room. Breaking down your cleaning room by room is the most effective approach to deep cleaning. Start with one room and make your way through the house so you stay on track and focused.
  3. Clear the Clutter First. Before you start the actual cleaning, begin decluttering each area of your home. Remove and sort items into 3 categories: Keep, Donate & Toss. Remove the items you are planning on giving away or throwing out. Neatly put away those items you are keeping.
  4. Get Organized. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get your stuff more organized. Invest in drawer dividers for your kitchen, storage containers for your pantry and bins/organizers for things like kids’ toys and crafts, office supplies, makeup, seasonal decor, etc. Assign a “home” for everything, and label your containers so it stays organized.
  5. Get Everyone Involved. Make it a family affair. Give everyone in your household a task — even the little ones can get involved with age-appropriate tasks. Make it fun by turning Spring cleaning into a game and cranking up the music.
  6. Maintain Your Cleaning Routine. Now that you have a sparkling clean home, try to keep it some level of clean. Establish some new cleaning habits with quick 15-minute tasks each day like dusting on Mondays, wiping down counters daily, changing sheets on Fridays, etc.

Schedule Routine Professional Cleanings. It’s important to get home furnishings cleaned by a professional to remove dirt, dust mites, pollens and other allergens that get trapped in their fibers. Things like carpets, upholstered furniture and window treatments should get a deep cleaning 1-2 times a year to keep them healthy and looking great, and even extend their lifespan. HomeCare by Fabricare is trusted throughout Fairfield County as the cleaning experts. The team is highly trained in all types of fabric care, stain removal and restoration, so you can trust us to leave your home cleaner, brighter and dust-free. Learn more and get a free quote at homecarebyfabricare.net.