Environmental Services

Non-dry cleaning/alternative method for clothing care. New state-of-the-art technology allows Fabricare to clean your clothes with biodegradable solvents and ozone technology. Fabricare does more than just provide alternative solvents choices, it is leading the dry cleaning industry by eliminating plastic altogether by offering its customers EcoBags.

Fabricare has taken many steps in becoming a leader in showing how dry cleaners can choose green alternatives. Its biggest initiative is the elimination of plastic bags which is targeted for Earth Day 2011. Dry cleaners across the country use about 3 billion plastic bags in processing orders. Currently, Fabricare offers customers an alternative with a convertible garment bag and eventually will move to using reusable garment bags on all orders.

Until the phase-in of garment bags, Fabricare processes orders using biodegradable plastic bags. Other initiatives have been taken to make its operations more environmentally friendly and, consequently, more efficient.

  • Reduced production schedule from 6 days to 5 saving fuel and energy
  • Upgraded the plant to be more energy efficient by reclaiming unused steam to reheat water and help boilers work less.
  • Partnered with power company to change lighting and machinery for better efficiency.
  • Placed sky lights in plant for better lighting and less demand on electricity.

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Dry cleaning environmentally friendly

State of the art technology allows Fabricare to clean clothes with biodegradable solvents and ozone technology.