Wash and Fold Alternative

“Wash and fold” is a great idea whose time has come, and gone. In the old-style wash and fold system, you’d gather up your laundry and dry cleaning, place it in your car and bring it in to one of our dry cleaners in Darien, Fairfield, or Norwalk. Indeed, you might be a busy Greenwich or Stamford CT resident, looking for “wash and fold” in Greenwich or Stamford, and we’d have an offer for you.Wash and Fold Service in Stamford and Greenwich CT

The offer is the 21st century equivalent of wash and fold. It’s “new and improved” as they say. We call our 21st century wash and fold, “home pickup and delivery laundry and dry cleaning.” It’s similar but better.

Rather than you doing all the work, we do it for you. All you have to do is collect your laundry and/or dry cleaning into one of our convenient bags. You sign up for your home pickup and delivery service (a.k.a., 21st century wash and fold), and our drivers come to your home, pickup your laundry or dry cleaning, and they bring it to our plant.

Wash and Fold to Home Pickup and Delivery Dry Cleaning and Laundry

We then sort and clean your dry cleaning and laundry and bring it back to you. It’s wash and fold, but you do only the very first step of gathering your dirty laundry and/or dry cleaning and placing it in the bag. We do every other step of the wash and fold process.

If you live near Darien, Fairfield, or Norwalk in Connecticut, or in towns such as Greenwich or Stamford, you’re on our routes. If you’re not sure, just call our office and we can verify if we can offer “21st century wash and fold” to you. We service customers in New Canaan, Westport, and Trumbull for sure.