What Parameters Would you Use to Determine the Best Stamford Dry Cleaners?

What parameters would you use to determine the best dry cleaners in Stamford CT? Is it the quality of their cleaning? Ease of use? Sterling customer service?

Well, all of those are important, but there is another thing and that is a dry cleaner who comes to your home, collects your dry cleaning, and then delivers it back to you packaged as it would be if you had just bought it from the store. That truly would be the best dry cleaners Stamford CT.

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Trumbull CT Home Pickup and Delivery Laundry for all 36,000 of You

Trumbull is by no means the largest city in CT. That honor goes to Bridgeport with a population of 146,000 which dwarfs the 36,000 of Trumbull. But what we like about Trumbull is that it is a very homey sort of city. It’s really more like a small town with its’ old houses and pretty yards, and we love to drive around it to visit our customers who use our Trumbull CT home pickup and delivery dry cleaning service.

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Scarsdale, Wash and Fold, and Just Moving On (To Home Pickup and Delivery Dry Cleaning)

We are now well into the 21st century and things in Scarsdale have moved on, including the famous – or infamous depending on your point of view – Scarsdale Diet. Developed by Dr Herman Tarnower who lived in Scarsdale in 1978, it was similar to the Atkins diet, calling for high protein, low fat, low carbohydrates, but also emphasized fruit and vegetables. The book received an unexpected surge in sales when Dr Tarnower was shot dead by his lover Jean Harris in 1980.

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