With summer coming to an end, you want to enjoy your time with your family and friends while soaking up every last drop of sunshine. The LAST thing you want to worry about is that never ending pile of laundry! Well, we have some good news for you: Our LaundryCare division of Fabricare is here to give you your laundry time back so you can spend that time doing the things you love to do.

And what’s even better? It’s SO easy! You can literally throw everything into a bag and we will pick it up, clean it, fold or hang it and return it to your doorstep. The days of deciphering all those laundry symbols are over! You can simply throw everything into one bag, and our team of experts will do the sorting & determine the best method of cleaning. LaundryCare by Fabricare has one goal – to provide you with high-quality care for EVERYTHING in your closet — from casual clothing and work out wear to dry cleaning, delicates and beyond so you can focus on the more important things in life.

Coming back from vacation? You no longer have to dread unpacking a bag of dirty clothing. Leave your entire suitcase with us, and we will launder and/or dry clean the contents, and have everything ready for you within days so you can focus on getting back into the routine of non-vacation life.

Give us a call at 203-229-0001, email us at service@fabricarecleaners.net or download our Fab App for on-demand pick up & delivery service! Our App is available on the APP STORE and the Google PLAY store.