Spring Cleaning Simplified with Fabricare Cleaners

We welcome Spring with open arms after a long winter, but with the start of the new season also comes the often dreaded task of Spring cleaning. It can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve got some tips for simplified Spring Cleaning that will leave your home sparkling without the stress:


A daunting task like deep cleaning your home can feel much more manageable with a list. Break down your list by each room in your house, and what needs to be done in that room. Not only will you have the satisfaction of checking things off your list, but you will feel more motivated to get the entire house done.


Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a one person job. The entire family can help with the various tasks that you have on your checklist. Get everyone involved by assigning different tasks to each member of your family, and try to make it fun. Turn up the music, and have a countdown. At the end of the cleaning session, go out and celebrate as a family. Knowing you have a clean, organized house to come home to will make it all worthwhile.


With the weather warming up, you should change out your winter wardrobe for your spring/summer one. It’s important to have your winter clothing cleaned before you store them to help keep moths at bay. Plus, when you take your clothes out for next winter, they will be ready to wear – your future self will thank you! You can trust Fabricare Cleaners with your favorite, hard-to-care-for winter fabrics – wool, cashmere, fur, down, etc – their professionals have expert knowledge on the best techniques & products to use on even the most delicate of fabrics. They will even store any bulky winter coats, furs & blankets for you until you are ready for them again so they are out of your way.


Spring cleaning is a time to go through your entire house and try to clear some of the clutter. Go through each room, and decide what you want to keep, donate or toss. You will be shocked to see how many bags you will have for donation. Fabricare Cleaners works with many local organizations in need of clothing – they will pick up from your home at no charge, and donate to those in need – just give them a call at 203-229-0001 to schedule a pick up, and they’ll handle the rest.


Spring means more outdoor time, so it’s time to get your patio & decks ready to enjoy! If you find that your patio cushions need a good cleaning after being stored for the season, call in the professionals at HomeCare by Fabricare. This division of Fabricare Cleaners are the experts on cleaning all types of materials from home furnishings, including outdoor cushions.


It can be a whole lot easier to keep your home clean throughout the year, than having to do serious deep cleans every few months. Try to maintain the new cleanliness around your home by dedicating 15 minutes a day to do simple tasks like decluttering countertops, doing a quick dusting of surfaces, wiping down the kitchen and bathroom counters, vacuuming, etc. You can do different tasks each day, but in the long run, you will save yourself from doing a massive deep clean if you tackle little chores for 15 minutes each day.


Call in the experts at HomeCare by Fabricare to do the heavy lifting this year. The team of professionals are highly trained in all types of fabric care, stain removal and restoration, so you can trust them to leave your home cleaner, brighter and dust-free! From rugs and carpets to window treatments and upholstery to bedding and much more, HomeCare will come to your home and clean nearly everything in your home so YOU don’t have to! Learn more at homecare homecarebyfabricare.net or call 203-957-3838.