Who Cares About Dry Cleaning And Laundry in Greenwich? You Just Want Clean Clothes

What is the one thing that everybody needs and yet, without exception, everybody hates? It’s an easy answer: doing the laundry, and running back and forwards to the dry cleaners in Greenwich (or anywhere else in Connecticut for that matter) On a scale of 1 – 100 in most people’s books it rates somewhere around minus 20! It’s certainly way below those other dreaded chores of hoovering the carpets and weeding the yard.Greenwich Dry Cleaner

Even if you have the latest washing machine and tumble dryer you still have to sort it all out into different piles according to the materials the clothes are made of, then select the right program, put the clothes in the machine, add the washing powder in the appropriate quantities, and run the program. Then you have to take it out and put it in the tumble dryer, select the right program, and run that.

Meanwhile you add the next pile of clothes to the washing machine. Now the tumble dryer has finished its’ cycle so you take the clothes out and sort them into piles for ironing.

Ironing. Aaaarrgghhh!

Then there’s the dry cleaning. Bag it all up, get in the car and drive into town to the dry cleaners. Find somewhere to park, take the cleaning in. Go back home again, and then repeat the process three days later to pick it up.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could hand over the whole darn business to somebody else to do?

You Can

Well, you can.

That is exactly what our Greenwich CT home pickup and delivery dry cleaning service is all about. We pick up your laundry too. You don’t even have to be at home when our driver calls to collect it because all you do is put the whole lot into some special bags which we supply you with and leave them somewhere we’ve agreed and off you go to work. This could be in the garage, the porch, the shed in the yard, or wherever.

A few days later our Greenwich CT home pickup and delivery dry cleaning service operates the “delivery” part of the service and brings it all back to you.

But don’t you have to be at home to pay the driver when he delivers it all back?

Nope. We simply bill your card at the end of the month for whatever it comes to. We have customers we have never ever met!

So get real. Phone us or click on the Billing link at the top of the page and open an account for our Greenwich CT home pickup and delivery dry cleaning service and get your life back!