When you Need Dry Cleaning in Rye, NY, You Want a Dry Cleaner Who is Convenient

Everything today is about making life easier and more convenient, and that is why we are excited to offer Rye, New York, home pickup and delivery dry cleaning. Although our plants are over in Connecticut, you don’t care about that as long as you don’t have to keep running backwards and forwards to the dry cleaners, which is why we have daily runs for Rye, New York, home pickup and delivery dry cleaning. Convenient dry cleaning in Rye, New YorkWe collect it from your door and we deliver it back to your door.

You don’t even have to be at home when we pickup and deliver. Quite simply, we let you have some of our EcoBags – which are not made of plastic, as we are very concerned about the environment. You simply put your dry cleaning into the bags and leave them somewhere we have agreed, such as in your garage or porch. Our driver collects the bag and brings your dry cleaning back to our plant where it is processed, and then when it is ready the driver will deliver it back to you. It doesn’t get a lot easier than that. As for payment, that’s simple too, because we just bill your credit card at the end of each month.

Specialty Dry Cleaning in Rye, NY, and Environs

We also carry out specialty dry cleaning, which the average dry cleaner cannot do. For example, we can undertake fur coat cleaning and goose down coat cleaning. These need a specialist approach, but we have the people and the skills to deal with that. Ideally, fur coats should be stored in a controlled environment, and we can collect your fur coat at the end of the season and store it for you until you need it back again.

We also carry out restoration cleaning, typically after a fire. Many items suffer from smoke damage and they can often be cleaned provided one has the knowledge and the equipment to undertake it. At one of our plants we are able to carry out ozone cleaning, and we also have a portable machine that we can bring to the home. We have experience of working with insurance companies for restoration cleaning. We also have a 12,000 square feet storage facility where we can store items until the home is ready to move back into.

Other specialist cleaning services include Persian rug cleaning. This has to be undertaken very carefully, because the dyes that are used in these rugs are delicate and can easily run if they are not processed correctly.

Whatever your needs for Rye, New York, home pickup and delivery dry cleaning, trust Fabricare to carry it out impeccably.