People Search for Dry Cleaning “Near me” Fabricare is Closer than You Think

We are now well into the 21st century, and today, more than ever, people want things that are convenient. Greenwich is an affluent city and that is why “Greenwich CT dry cleaning near me” is a common search on mobiles and laptops.Greenwich CT specialty dry cleaning

Well guess what: at Fabricare we are closer than you think if you want Greenwich CT dry cleaning “near me”. We couldn’t be any closer because we are in your home! We do home pickup and delivery of your dry cleaning whenever you wish because we have daily runs throughout the town. What’s more, you don’t even have to be at home!

It’s really simple, and ultra-convenient. We supply you with some of our eco-friendly EcoBags which are not made of plastic. You simply pop your dry cleaning into one of the bags and leave it in a spot that we have previously agreed – your porch, your garage, wherever. Then you can go off to work or whatever else you need to do.

Our driver calls and collects your dry cleaning and brings it back to our works where it is processed and beautifully pressed, and then a couple of days later he delivers it back to your home and leaves it in the same spot. It really couldn’t be any easier. You don’t have to be at home to pay the driver or leave money in an envelope or anything silly like that. We just bill your credit card at the end of the month for whatever you have had done during the month. Now what could be more convenient than that?

Not Your Run Of The Mill Dry Cleaners for Greenwich & Environs

At Fabricare we are not your run of the mill dry cleaners, either. We undertake specialty dry cleaning as well, and we clean items that your average dry cleaner simply cannot do. We can clean fur coats and the popular Canada Goose down coats. These need very special handling, but we have the people and the skills to do it. We also clean purses and handbags, whether they are leather, suede, or fabric. Every handbag or purse that we receive goes through a special hand cleaning process and is refinished and restored to its’ original beauty. No matter that it is a designer bag, we will look after it. We can clean all types of leather coats and jackets as well.

In addition, we can clean your wedding gown. This is also a very different proposition from regular dry cleaning, and we inspect and photograph every wedding gown before evaluating the best method of cleaning it. Once cleaned, your wedding gown will be stored in special preservation box to be kept for the next lucky girl.

So if you want “Greenwich CT dry cleaning near me”, Fabricare is near you.