Scarsdale, Wash and Fold, and Just Moving On (To Home Pickup and Delivery Dry Cleaning)

We are now well into the 21st century and things in Scarsdale have moved on, including the famous – or infamous depending on your point of view – Scarsdale Diet. Developed by Dr Herman Tarnower who lived in Scarsdale in 1978, it was similar to the Atkins diet, calling for high protein, low fat, low carbohydrates, but also emphasized fruit and vegetables. The book received an unexpected surge in sales when Dr Tarnower was shot dead by his lover Jean Harris in 1980.Scarsdale NY home pickup and delivery laundry or dry cleaning vs. wash and fold

Did the Scarsdale Diet work? Well, maybe. Then again, maybe not. It has been superseded by more modern diets such as the Paleo Diet.

Doing your own laundry in Scarsdale was something else that most people did in 1978, but that was superseded by wash and fold in Scarsdale. In turn, wash and fold Scarsdale has also been superseded today by pickup and delivery dry cleaning and laundry in Scarsdale and that is where Fabricare comes in.

Home Pickup and Delivery Dry Cleaning in Scarsdale, NY: It’s the 21st Century!

After all, in the 21st century who, in all seriousness, wants to do their own laundry? It is so unutterably tedious and boring. Yes, clean clothes are something that every human being on the planet needs, even those in the Amazon: the only difference there is that they need less clothes, but the ones that they do need still have to be cleaned. You could go out and bash your clothes against a rock, or you could do it in your own home, or you could go to a wash and fold, or you could stop reading this blog post and call us for the best home pickup and delivery dry cleaner service in Westchester County, not just Scarsdale.

Today we understand that you can still get wash and fold Scarsdale services, but why bother? We come to your home every week, or how often you need us, and we collect your laundry and bring it back to our plant. Here it is all professionally processed in the greenest way possible. (We’re known as an ecofriendly dry cleaner by the way). We are reducing the number of plastic bags that we use and replacing them with reusable FAB bags. Until these have been phased in we are using plastic bags which are biodegradable.

We have also placed more skylights in the plant for better lighting and to reduce consumption of electricity and we have partnered with the power company to change lighting and machinery for more efficiency. We have reduced our production schedule from 6 days to 5 which saves fuel and energy, and we have installed a system which reclaims unused steam and uses it to reheat water which helps the boilers to work less.

So, yes, laundry in Scarsdale has come on a long way since the last century and you can have all the benefits. Laundry and dry cleaning pickup and delivery in Scarsdale means that there is nothing to do yourself and you are helping the environment at the same time.