Wash and Fold in Greenwich (Or Stamford) is Ancient History

Once upon a time, two or three thousand years ago, in a country called Egypt people would take their clothes down to the river once a week and give them a good soak while bashing them on the rocks in order to remove dirt and clean them. Maybe it removed some of the dirt, but you do have to wonder what was flowing down the Nile when there were thousands of camels further upstream.Wash and fold Greenwich and Stamford CT

Much later, we started building houses and living in them, and even started to pipe water into them so that clothes could be washed in a bowl or basin.

Then some smart alec invented washing powder and that really did make a difference. You still had to do it by hand, but the clothes were a lot cleaner. Come the beginning of the 20th century and the first electric washing machine was invented by Alva J. Fisher of Chicago.

Moving on, and in 1959 the first coin-operated washing machine was invented by Harry Greenwald of New York. Then some bright spark had the idea of providing staff to do the washing for you. You took your laundry to the washateria and somebody else did it for you. The birth of wash and fold.

Yes, your laundry was washed and folded and you went back and picked it up later. But that was it. Washed, yes. Folded, yes. Ironed? Err, well, no. You still get to do the ironing. However, it has to be said it is all a big improvement over bashing your clothes on a rock while standing knee deep in whatever the camels have sent you! Well, some folks even in affluent Greenwich CT and Stamford CT still look for wash and fold. They haven’t gotten the memo. Wash and fold is so 20th century! Graduate up, ya’ll, to the 21st century and let Fabricare do your laundry for you via home pickup and delivery laundry in Greenwich and Stamford, CT.

But then some laundries sprang up which provided a really super service of calling once a week to collect your laundry, taking it away, and bringing it back next week. They called it a home pickup and delivery laundry service. However, you had to be at home to hand the laundry over to the driver, and you had to be there with the cash in your hand ready to pay him when he delivered it back.

Fast forward to 2018 and you can still get a home pickup and delivery laundry service, but you don’t have to sit about waiting for the driver. Today that service has been tweaked by Fabricare so that you still have a home pickup and delivery laundry service, but you don’t have to be at home.

It’s very simple. We supply you free of charge with some bags in which to put your laundry. You pop your laundry into it and leave it somewhere around your home where the driver can get access, such as your porch or garage. Our driver collects it and brings it back to our plant where it is washed, dried, folded, and ironed if you wish. Then we deliver it back to you.

Payment? Simple. We bill your card once a month. Problem solved. Laundry done. Easy as falling off a rock.